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Company Credit Reports available for every Ltd UK Company
Fully qualified credit scores, directors information and financial data, including filed accounts and annual returns for UK and Irish companies
Our reports include:
  • Company search
  • Statutory information
  • Directory Information
  • Risk information
  • Accounts
  • Accounts notes
  • Company and industry comparison
  • Directory information
  • Balance sheet
  • Ownership
  • Profit and loss account
  • Directors and advisors
  • Filing history
  • Shareholders
  • Interims
  • Mortgages and charges
  • Growth rates
  • Cash flow ratios

Statutory informaton- details of registered name and address, issued capital, type of accounts filed, and relevant filing dates

Directory information- confirms the trading address, and where available, the telephone and fax numbers, up to ten SIC codes and the principal activities statement

Risk information- details group structure, details of the latest ten county court judgements, risk score for four years and the latest recommended credit and contract limit

Accounts- abbreviated profit and loss account and balance sheet for the company

Accounts notes- information on items extracted from latest set of notes such as exports, audit fees, intermediate assets, bank overdraft, and finance due to directors and group

Company and industry comparison - compares the subject company with all other companies within its industry type

Directory information - confirms the trading address, telephone and fax numbers, region, bankers, auditors, SIC code, principal activity statement

Balance sheet - displays the last five years’ worth of balance sheet items, indicating where notes are cross referenced to notes to the accounts section of the report. A further four items are taken from the cash flow statement

Ownership - This section details group structure and provides any subsidiaries ranked by turnover

Profit & Loss account - details all items for the last five years

Directors and advisors - lists the company secretary and all other directors. The auditors and the bank details if available are also provided.

Filing history - displays every change of name, all mortgage documents and one of each other filing type with a maximum of 20 being listed

Shareholders - displays the principal shareholder in any UK company. Plus capital structure within the company in terms of the type and amount of shares issued in total

Interims - provides access to the latest 4 years worth of interim results as announced by UK quoted companies on the London Stock Exchange

Mortgages and charges - provides access to the latest 5 charges filed by a company

Growth rates - provides % growth measurements for 1/2/3/4 year periods

Cash flow Ratios - lists the main liquidity, performance, leverage and gearing ratios